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The DECA chapter is to the marketing/business education/Career and Work Skills Training student what a civic or professional is to a group of businesspeople. Chapter activities are recognized as a part of the total educational program because they develop leadership skills, professional attitudes, business competencies, citizenship characteristics, and social growth of the individual.  DECA activities provide members with opportunities to serve in leadership roles, work in teams, and receive local, state and national recognition. 
November 1 - 30, 2014
DECA Month

Wirt County Tigers Go Pink!!
In the month of October, the Wirt County DECA Chapter elected to partner and promote breast cancer awareness as part of the national effort to educate women and bring attention to breast cancer and early detection.

The students engaged the entire school in a TIGERS GO PINK Campaign.  They engaged student participation by recruiting the assistance of the desktop publishing class.  DECA sponsored a competition for the best flyers with a theme, TIGERS GO PINK.  The winning flyers were posted throughout the school to promote awareness of breast cancer detection and also the TIGERS GO PINK event.

The students partnered with the local health clinic of Wirt County, Coplin Memorial Community Health Center.  They collected educational materials on early detection, mammograms and also self-exam calendars. Each member of the teaching and administrative staff received educational materials delivered to their rooms by our DECA members.

In addition to the teacher and staff educational efforts, the students elected to create a ‘Cookies for a Cause’ event to raise money for a program that would assist under or uninsured women with mammograms.  A regional medical facility, the Strecker Cancer Center, offers no cost mammograms to women who are uninsured.  The Center has an established breast fund to offset the cost of the mammograms and subsequent required exams.  The connection to the center is dual-fold, in the oncology and radiation department there are three former Wirt County High School graduates.  There is also a family member of a high school staffer who underwent treatment at the center.  The patient was uninsured at the time and the medical staff at the center assisted the patient to receive the life- saving care needed.

Students promoted the TIGERS GO PINK campaign throughout the school with flyers, announcements, and emails. Students, staff, and administrators wore pink in support of breast cancer education. The student body was called to the courtyard for a photograph which was staged with the participants lined in the shape of a ribbon. The photograph was included in an article for the local paper.

The entire commons area was decorated with pink balloons, signs, informational material, and pink ribbons for the student body. DECA hosted 'pink' cookies for a cause.  The sale of the cookies resulted in the collection of $100.00.  The entire collection was donated to the Strecker Cancer Center Breast Fund.  This fund provides mammograms for uninsured women and subsequent testing if needed.  The student’s efforts were recognized by an article in the local paper and a thank you note from Strecker Cancer Center.

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