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Welcome to West Virginia DECA!
DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. 

The DECA chapter is to the marketing/business education/Career and Work Skills Training student what a civic or professional is to a group of businesspeople. Chapter activities are recognized as a part of the total educational program because they develop leadership skills, professional attitudes, business competencies, citizenship characteristics, and social growth of the individual.  DECA activities provide members with opportunities to serve in leadership roles, work in teams, and receive local, state and national recognition. 
November 1 - 30, 2014
DECA Month

2014 - 2015 Theme Announced
DECA Inc. is pleased to announce that "I am DECA" will be the cornerstone of its 2014-2015 marketing and membership campaign.

Rather than thinking of it as just a theme, the "I am DECA" campaign approach will instead tell the DECA story through our members. With competitors, leaders, creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, volunteers and more, we know that the DECA experience is different for everyone, and we want our members to show the diversity of our organization, both in opportunity and the people we represent.

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